Walking in Umbria

Information on hiking the Santa Scholastica Valley near the walled medieval town of Norcia in Umbria, Italy. There are a few things you need before your hike.

This Walking in Umbria video is about the Santa Scholastica Valley near Norcia, Italy. We were on an HF Holidays guided walk with a group of hikers from the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

This was introduction to  walking in Umbria, a fairly easy walk through the main valley ending in the walled town of Norcia.

An easy walk (hike) through the scenic Santa Scholastica Valley near Norcia over quiet laneways or gravel covered pathways. This walk is 6 miles (9 km) with one steep climb of 740 feet, although the descend is longer at 1.180 feet. This makes a wonderful introductory walk of the area.

Ignore the weather reports as our predicted rainy day was instead a blue sky and plenty of sunshine. In late September the temperature was a mild 20 C.

The walk starts in the village of Frascaro. We were on a guided HF Holiday with transport provided but others walking on their own hired a car with driver for the one way transfer.

This walking in Umbria hike follows white and red painted signs although connecting trails can make it confusing, our leader used 666: Monti Sibillini – Cascia Norcia 1:50, 000. We continued along the quiet laneway pasting a historic stone washing area and above ground cemetery before reaching San Pelegrino. The town has a nicely decorated church.

Soon after it was up the steep climb to the hilltop capped with a cross which provided excellent views in all directions of the Santa Scholastica Valley and the town of Norcia. Then a gradual descend down the hill on quiet lanes lined with wild flowers and fields of sheep.

The walk finishes in Norcia, a walled pedestrian only town. If taking a walking holiday in this area the Walking in Italy’s Sibillini National Park Guide provides a review of many short and longer walks. If visiting the entire region take a copy of Walking and Eating in Tuscany and Umbriawhich describes 40 routes.

I have hiked all over North America and Europe and this region is not as well known as some other areas for walking holidays. But I must say walking in Umbria turned out to be an unexpected  delight.


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